We recently attended a formation leaders retreat in Brisbane. It was a week full of sharing and celebrating CGS as well as a time for looking forward to changes that will help the work of CGS continue throughout Australia.

We have set a date for the AGM in late August and hope to get people nominating for positions on the Board of Directors from among our many members in the association.

One of the areas we focused on was how formation has evolved and changed as we have grown in our experience with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and working with children. If you have attended formation in the past, don’t think it is a finished package, there is always so much richness to be had and I highly recommend joining in any formation in your area as it comes up. We usually recommend that if you have previously received formation at a particular level you can attend again without paying for the course. You may consider making a donation.

There were some new presentations shared amongst the group as well as deeper ways to share these with the children and adults.

Overall it was a blessed week with lots of laughter, tears, songs, prayer and plenty of yummy food.